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Apple acquires Platoon to increase original content share

Apple acquires artist development startup Platoon
Image Credits: Press Release

According to a report on TechCrunch. Apple, the Cupertino based consumer electronics giant has acquired Platoon.

Platoon, the startup was oriented towards the production and distribution of new and upcoming artists and creators. It used analytics to target audiences and build marketing strategies. Some of the artists which Platoon has supported in the recent past include Jorja Smith and Billie Eilish.

With this acquisition, Apple Music plans to bring original content directly to their platform. Thereby increasing a share of original content. As reported by NYTimes, Spotify experimented a similar approach and launched a license which would allow local artists on to the platform and get closer to the company.

While Apple’s intentions on what to do with Platoon remain unclear, it can be speculated that the acquisition was primarily meant to help Apple Music’s own platform of the same theme named Up Next. The platform is designed to allocate required resources to help newer, talented artists and creators and was initially founded last year in 2017. Rapper 6lack was the first participant in the platform and received many additional perks as a result.

The tools acquired from Platoon are designed to help lesser-known talents and can help forge long-term relationships between the artists and Apple throughout the career of the former. Apple has invested a sizeable amount of resources in an array of music-related businesses over the course of these last couple of years such as Asaii, a music analytics company whose missions is to identify new and emerging musical talents.

The presence of these tools provide grounds for speculations that Apple Music will, in fact, use Platoon to power their platforms such as Up Next, and Asaii, which are both aimed at identifying, producing, and distributing new and coming artists and creators. The iTunes music store can work as the marketplace for the new artists. However, nothing can be said for sure until now as Apple refrains from making a comment about the acquisition.

Platoon has had a history of helping artists that would later go on to become successful in their fields and also a reputation for coming up with artist-friendly deals which would benefits both parties. These are the two things that are incredibly appealing from the perspective of a creator. While SoundCloud now offers self-monetization (and Spotify gearing up for the same), it looks like Apple aims to bank on the deal of development to draw artists in before they consider other labels and streaming platforms.