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Apple signs on the aid of DHX’s Snoopy for their streaming service

Apple signs on the aid of DHX's Snoopy for their streaming service
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Apple has reportedly planned to start their own premium streaming service and lieu of those plans, the manufacturer has recently signed on Snoopy, the adorable cartoon character from DHX Media’s production house. The new deal will include Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the crew from Peanuts in new shows, specials, and other short films. One of these special shorts includes Snoopy as an astronaut in order to inspire more kids to become astronauts and join STEM.

Peanuts was originally created as a comic strip by Charles Schulz in 1950 which was distributed in the printed format all over the globe primarily in newspapers. While the comic strips enjoyed much success and were finally ceased around the start of the 21st century, the Peanuts gang had already spread into many other media including the Television in the 1960s with the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” After many specials, the series was finally resurrected in the animated film “Peanuts Movie” which grossed approximately $246 million worldwide.

With Schulz putting an end to his comic strips and the character being kept alive on other digital media, DHX acquired 80% of the franchise last year, with the Schulz family still holding 20% of all revenue generated. However, for the artist, the entire control and the fate of the character now rests in the hands of the Canadian broadcasting company. Charles’s family still earns and loses on the basis of the company’s performance.

Apple, on the other hand, has been signing numerous deal with many production houses across the globe to acquire premium content for their own streaming service. They are focusing on family-friendly shows which can be enjoyed by a large variety of audience and does not pose any age restrictions. This includes Sesame Workshop, the production house behind the famous Sesame Street, even though Apple does not plan to have the same content on their platform and instead wants the producers to work on a different concept.

If current trends continue, we might have a new streaming service from Apple containing all exclusive content just for the platform which would be family-friendly and for all to enjoy, unlike many of the content streamed on their competitors’ sites, such as Amazon Prime, or Netflix.

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