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BYD Electrifies Chilean Public Transports with 100 new Electric buses

BYD Electrifies Chilean public transports with 100 new electric buses

BYD, a Chinese company with objectives of helping developing countries get electric vehicles has shipped 100 new electric buses to the capital city of Chile, Santiago. This is a part of the company’s effort to revolutionise the world through electric vehicles. This took place after a massive partnership spree across China wherein BYD partnered up with local authorities and companies to display Chinese public transport systems into electric versions of the same.

Chile, as a country, has had initiatives to fight smog in their nation and hence has decided to covert as much of their services as possible into electric ones. While the first batch of vehicles approached last November, BYD remains the sole supplier of Electric buses to the country of Chile. The country is a part of the Chinese Government’s Grand Belt and Road initiative. Under this initiative, BYD has successfully entered Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and other Latin American Countries.

“With the help of ‘One Belt One Road,’ BYD has successfully entered Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay and other Latin American countries. As the region accelerates its electric revolution, BYD may be able to win more opportunities,” said BYD in a statement.

A total of 100 buses were sent to the capital city and took a total of 45 days to reach. They have been painted white and red on the exterior to mirror the national flag. Furthermore, they are equipped with Air Conditioners and USB charging hubs for those in a need to charge their phones. The shipment was made through a partnership between BYD and Enel, a company which seems to be a massive consumer of electricity in Chile.

The locals liked the bus service upgrade and rewarded the program with 6.3 stars out of seven, which is a significant improvement from the previous 4.6 scores for the same. The survey was carried out in conjunction by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. The locals left feedback about the upgrades stating that they appreciated the low noise levels, the air conditioning, and the USB charging facilities.

The Chilean government currently has 7,000 busses on duty, out of which 400 need to be replaced annually. The Government states their intentions to continue using more and more electric vehicles to build a more sustainable ecosystem and plans to get all buses replaced by electric ones by the year 2022, or at least raise the current amount by tenfold.