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Discord gives 90% revenues to Devs on their New Game Store

Discord gives 90% revenues to Devs on their New Game Store
Image Source: DISCORD BLOG / PR Newsroom

Discord, the worldwide Gaming Chat application reported in a blog post in August that they were interested in launching their very own game store. Discord is currently already integrated with Steam to provide voice and chat support to their users when they’re in-game. They recently revealed that they would be creating their own game store where profits would be split 90/10 in favour of Developers.

This is a move which would massively appeal to many developers around the world, both large and small alike. But this deal would be most lucrative to none other than Indie developers who choose to publish self-developed games and game bundles. While companies like Steam like to split the revenue 70/30, claiming that it costs 30% of the total cost to distribute video games, Discord will be chucking those figures out of the window by giving complete 90% profits to their developers.

“Why does it cost 30% to distribute games? Is this the only reason developers are building their own stores and launchers to distribute games? Turns out, it does not cost 30% to distribute games in 2018,” as written in their recent company’s blog post.

This was in retaliation to Steam’s policy, and how they continue to charge 30% despite all revenue being brought to the platform by the game. While this would appeal to many independent developers across the world, this puts them against some stiff competition with the tides seemingly in their favour.

There are many established game stores, some which are owned by game developers like Origin, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Club, and some which feature games from all developers alike like Steam.

This announcement was made following a previous decision to split the profits 88/12. The current rates seem to be a decrease in the rates which the platform gets to keep for itself, mostly hoping to get more developers on board. Perhaps the platform likes to operate on a lower profit margin, but 90/10 has been the latest rate being offered to developers across the world, and it might just cause an influential change in the way developers and platforms publish and distribute games in the future.