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Education Gaming app Kahoot gets $15 mn backing by Disney

Education gaming app Kahoot gets $15 mn backing by Disney
Image Source: Hyett Education / SquareSpace

Kahoot, an educational gaming app designed to help users learn via play, has been recently backed by entertainment giant, Disney who invested $15 million into the former. Kahoot has games which help their users to learn various relevant skills and subjects through the playful means of playing games. They have two categories to their approach, the first being the educational games which are made available to the public. Then, there are the corporate games designed for specific businesses, which are kept private and limited to that specific business as they might contain sensitive information.

After the $15 million investment, Disney now owns a solid 4% stake in the company, which is now valued at a strong $360 million. The relationship between Kahoot and Disney doesn’t end there. Kahoot also passed through the Disney Accelerator. Kahoot’s stocks are currently priced at 28 Norwegian Kroner per share on the Norwegian stock market. Other investors in the platform include Microsoft and Northzone.

Disney has a long list of investments which it has placed in various platforms across the Education and Gaming industries. The giant has already invested in more than 50 companies through their accelerator programme, and this long list includes various major companies as well, including HQ Trivia, Epic Games, Sphero, SambaTV, and many others.

Disney and Kahoot both refrain from commenting upon the direction which the company is to take with its recent affiliations with the giant. For all purposes, it may be just a financial gain for Disney. Alternatively, there might be an increase in Disney themed content on the app. However, nothing can be said for sure right now.

The last time Kahoot released a report, it had 70 million registered users on a platform, however, recent sources indicate the count may have reached as high as 100 million as of today. This may point to why Disney chose it as an investment option at this stage. Furthermore, not all content on the platform is created by Kahoot.

The app is more of a platform to host community-built apps wherein members of the community build apps for each other in order to help each other learn through play faster and better. While Kahoot does design most games for their corporate section, a majority of the games on their public education system are designed by the developers in the community with a few being developed by the company. Most of them screened and approved by Kahoot.