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French startup Molotov launches a VR cafe to capture magic of watching live TV

French startup Molotov launches a VR cafe to capture magic of watching live TV

The French startup Molotov has made a recent addition to their series of Television streaming software and applications in the form of a virtual cafe where people can capture the magic of watching live Television together. The startup has quickly become the most preferred TV streaming platform in the country of France by streaming on literally any device from PCs to tablets, phones, and even Set-Top boxes.

This new initiative is called Molotov Together and it lets you watch live streamed Television through a Virtual Reality headset. While this idea won’t really appeal to most people, it is quite different from the conventional ways of watching 2D content in a VR headset. Instead of a screen projected on a wall in a 3D environment, this app lets you walk into a cafe where there are live televisions being streamed.

You can meet and interact with other people in the cafe and watch television together with them. According to Molotov,

This enables the people to share moments together, watching something that is being streamed for a limited time, like back in the day of cable TV. Furthermore, this also enables people to engage in conversations based on the content being shown and bond over jokes together.

This is a new initiative which aims to help people bond together in virtual worlds over things which interest all present there. The control in the cafe setting is given to all the people watching the same TV. The company plans to launch a new addition to this application called the lounge, which enables different people to host their own lounges. The lounge would give only the host control over the Television.

The idea was reportedly conceived by the fact that few friends like to Skype or Facetime each other to watch the same movie together and how people like to watch reaction videos online. Molotov took this idea to the next level by making a Virtual Space to meet and interact with your friends and find new ones while bonding over more realistic human interaction while doing an activity.

The app makes the experience reminiscent of many portrayals of Virtual Reality in media. It makes movies like Ready Player One turn into a reality with much required human interaction in the virtual world where things are mostly robotic and fictional. With plans to acquire premium content for Television Streaming in these rooms, the idea makes for a wonderful addition to their pre-existing list of TV streaming applications.