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Niantic raises $200 mn for games after Pokemon GO

Niantic raises $200 mn for games after Pokemon GO
Image Credits: TechCrunch

Niantic, the company behind the viral Augmented Reality game Pokemon GO has recently raised $200 million dollars in order to acquire funds for its newer titles. The company has been currently evaluated at a whopping $3.9 billion and has recently raised another $200 million for its Series C funding round according to a report on WSJ. This would raise the total funds raised by the company to a $425 million with the last round being raised at a $3 billion valuation. Expected participants include the likes of IVP, Samsung, and aXiomatic Gaming.

The game started has already invested quite a bit in Augmented Reality Technologies and into their other games like Ingress, and their upcoming Harry Potter mobile game based on similar AR concepts as Pokemon GO. The company itself was a startup within Google back in 2010 and found independence five years later in 2015 owing to their virally successful AR game Pokemon GO.

It is speculated that the company plans to use these funds for their latest AR mobile game title, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.” Niantic, however, has remained unreachable for a comment on the matter. They aim to recreate the hype caused by Pokemon GO with this new title of theirs. They wish to prove their mettle once again, by releasing an app which would be just as viral, addictive, and exciting as its predecessor.