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Skullcandy releases Wireless Push following the Apple Airpods Trend

Skullcandy releases wireless Push following Airpods trend
Image Source: SkullCandy Webstore

Skullcandy has followed the trend of Apple’s Airpods by releasing their first pair of truly wireless earbuds called the Skullcandy Push. The Push comes in only one colour as of now, termed “Psychotropic Teal” and is priced at around $129.99. The colour has been an upgrade from the grey as seen in the leaked FCC filing. However, the Earbuds are limited to Target stores until the end of 2018 and won’t hit worldwide stores until 15th January 2019.

The new pair of Earbuds has quite a few features and they seem to make a significant improvement compared to Apple’s minimalistic design of their Airpods. Their news release sent to TechZiffy mentions,

The Push features a large on the device which would enable the user to receive calls, control the volume of music, switch audio tracks, and a variety of other tasks such as enabling your phone’s Voice Assistant to do certain tasks like calling and messaging for you.

Other features include an ear hook which secures the earbuds inside your ears, further preventing any chances fo them falling out. This is in contrast to Apple’s Airpods, which seem like they’re designed to get lost. The earphones give you a playback time of six hours, which can extend to another six hours if you have a fully charged case. In contrast, while Airpods may have given you five hours of playback, their case allowed multiple charges, effectively expanding the playback time to about 24 hours.

Another point where the Skullcandy Push trumps over the Apple Airpods is their damage and recovery programme. Whereas apple would charge $69 for a lost of damaged Airpod and $49 for a case, Skullcandy has a new initiative to accommodate the mishaps called the Fearless Use Promise, which enables customers to find a replacement for their lost Earbud for only $49.

With the Push ready to hit the shelves early next year, this could become a rising trend in the Earphones industry, with more and more manufacturers coming up with truly wireless Earphones. One can speculate that Truly Wireless Earphones might be the future of music if they catch on after initial testing and conceptualisation through various models like the Apple Airpods and the Skullcandy Push.