Tesla’s Self-Driving Option to Soon Get Expensive

The self-driving option is expected to cost an additional US$ 3000, whereas full self-driving will be of US$ 5000.

Ever since Tesla’s self-driving option has been introduced, it has made a crucial breakthrough in the car market. Now, Tesla has decided to increase its price substantially from May 1, 2019. The company CEO Elon Musk announced this news through his official Twitter account saying Tesla vehicles are ‘appreciating assets’ due to their self-driving capability. He did not specify how much expensive it will get, but it will be ‘something’ at around US$ 3000. Currently, full self-driving comes at US$ 5000. This increase in price has come when Tesla made the Autopilot standard.

The most efficient version of Autopilot is called Full Self-Driving or FSD and it comes at a price for US$ 5000. It includes summoning as well as navigate on autopilot, which is an active guidance system that navigates the car from a highway on-ramp to off-ramp in, including making lane changes and interchanges. However, Tesla is continuously improving its Navigate on autopilot and broader FSD system via over the air software updates. According to the company, FSD will soon recognize and respond to traffic stop signs and traffic lights and will be able to take driving seat in city streets.

Elon Musk has been persistent on self-driving cars and has spoken about it several times in the past. In late 2016, Tesla started making advanced sensors, radars, and cameras that would allow a great level of automated driving. Musk says, it will be made available if and when it has conquered all technical challenges and received regulatory approvals from respected authorities. Furthermore, the price increase of the package will come after Tesla demonstrates its self-driving technology on April 22, 2019.